Is Traxxas Expensive?

Why are Traxxas Cars So Expensive? Well in this video we examine if they are or not!

Sometimes it might seem traxxas is expensive taking the Hoss as an example, but are they or is it just our perception? Often the cars are released at a price that people think is slightly too high but then 5 years later the car is still for sale at the same price as on launch day! The 8S xmaxx is an example of that

So what is cheap about Traxxas? Well spare parts to my mind are very cheap in relation to other rc brands and they are available from pretty much any local hobby store.

That said some electronic spares like servos can seem expensive when compared to other aftermarket replacement brands e.g. you can often buy a stronger, metal geared waterproof servo for less money than a replacement traxxas servo.

Also some of the very nice looking and very strong anodized alloy parts may seem expensive in relation to the purchase cost of a car, but a lot of those parts we’d class as nice to have and not essential items.

Overall some may criticize traxxas pricing but we think there’s a lot they do right, we’re neither traxxas fanboys or arrma fanboys we just like good RC cars and Traxxas make quite a few.

Oh! And they have one of the shortest wait times to get through to Traxxas customer service of any RC car company we know of!

For all of your Traxxas needs shop where we shop! – Amain